Horseman’s Hollow 2012

Are you ready to be scared out of your mind?

Adapting “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” to dark extremes, Horseman’s Hollow returns for a third year of highly entertaining haunted mayhem, now expanded by popular demand to ELEVEN evenings.

The 17th Century Dutch colony of Philipsburg Manor transforms into a terrifying landscape ruled by the undead, the evil, and the insane. Visitors begin walking a haunted trail, stumbling upon scary scenes of a town driven mad by the Headless Horseman. The Hollow’s unfortunate inhabitants are all too ready to keep visitors from ever leaving. Creatures, human and otherwise, lurk in the shadows, ready to terrify the unsuspecting.

Those who survive the trail must still negotiate a twisted maze of horrors too terrible to describe, only to end up in the lair of the Horseman where a party is being thrown in his honor. Heads will definitely roll . . . maybe even your own!

Think it all fantasy? Think again. That millpond is the very one that Ichabod Crane saunters around in “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” You’re in the real Sleepy Hollow.

The event organizers state: “WARNING: This event is NOT suitable for adults who are claustrophobic, have heart or respiratory conditions, are prone to seizures, or have other chronic health conditions. Enter at your own risk! Recommended for ages 10 and up.” You’ve been warned.

Where: Philipsburg Manor, 381 North Broadway, Sleepy Hollow NY 10591

When: 2012 dates: Oct. 6-7, 13-14, 19-21, 25-28. Advance tickets required. Times vary by evening.

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